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Hypoxia Challenge Test

Patients of respiratory diseases when go to high altitude then they suffer from reduced level of oxygen in the body. This test can diagnose vulnerable people before hand so that trip to places of high altitude can be avoided or proper precautions can be kept.

What is a Hypoxic Challenge Test?

Your consultant or General Practitioner (GP) has requested this test to help them assess any possible supplemental oxygen requirements that you may have during air travel. During air travel aircraft cabins have thinner air than the air at ground level. This means that there is less oxygen to breathe and that some people with lung conditions may experience a drop in their oxygen levels.

What does the test involve?

You will be asked to sit comfortably whilst we check your oxygen levels in your blood by taking a small blood sample from your earlobe. We then monitor your oxygen levels whilst you breathe a special mixture of air through a mask for 20 minutes. We repeat a blood sample to check whether your oxygen levels meet the recommendations for air travel. If your oxygen levels fall to below the recommended level you will be given some supplemental oxygen, and your oxygen levels are checked again.


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